Just the name, Zanzibar, evokes dreams of romance and mystery and the reality will not disappoint the traveller bored with mass tourism and seeking an enlightening and enjoyable holiday experience. Zanzibar- the name includes the main island, Unguja,and its sister island, Pemba- has for centuries attracted seafarers and adventurers from around the world. Now it welcome a new generation of explorers-those who have come to marvel at the rich heritage, reflected in the architecture and the culture of the people.

For this is where Arabia meets the Africa. Visit Zanzibarís historic Stone Town, where the Sultans once ruled. Relax on one of 25 dazzling white, palm- Fringed beaches, where the azure water of the Indian Ocean beckon swimmers, divers, fishermen and water sports enthusiasts alike. Breathe in the fragrant scents of cloves, Vanilla, Cardamom and Nutmeg, and discover why Zanzibar is called the Spice Island.

Explore the forests, with the their rare flora and fauna. Or visit some of the ancient, archaeological sites. Spend a few days here after a Safari on the African mainland or, better still allocate a week or two and immerse yourself in the Magic that is Zanzibar.†


Zanzibarís colourful history is a Saga of travellers and traders, raiders and colonisers. Sumerians, Assyrians, Egypt ions, Malays, Phoenicians, Indians, Chinese, Persians,

Portuguese, Dutch and the British, each leaving behind a legacy of their stay. From the

island the great European explorers- Burton, Speke, Living stone, Stanley- set off for their voyages of discovery into the great African hinterland†


Brilliant white beaches lapped by the warm Waters of the Indian Ocean provide the perfect place to relax,Soak up the Sun and take a break from some busy sightseeing. Modern resorts nestle in the shade of Coconut palms, providing Comfortable retreats. The beaches area a paradise. Here are picturesque fishing

villages where the people live a simple way of life,unchanged though the years. Just south of Zanzibar Town are Fuji Beach and Chuini Beach, which both offer facilities for a ranger of water sports, while† to the North there is Mangapwani where the noise is likely to be the Sound of the Ocean. On the northern tip of the

island is Nungwi, where visitors can watch fishermanís boats being built here or swim in the coral lagoons. On Zanzibarís north-east cost are the beaches of Matemwe, Mapenzi, Kiwenga and Uroa, with their wide stretches of uncrowned Sand and opportunities to explore the underwater World. Other well- developed- Pingwe, Bwejuu and Jambian are to be found no the

South eastern Cost. As well as water sports there are also opportunities for fishing or for observing the activities of the local fisherman.

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